Coefficient is one of the most interesting techno artists of the UK scene. After numerous releases on Labrynth, Duality and M_REC Ltd, Coefficient has perfected a heavy and uniquely innovative style. In his productions you can hear the influence of his knowledge of the roots of techno, but especially his experience as a sound engineer. His techno incorporates an experimental aesthetic with a strong emphasis on tonal atmospheres, FM synthesis and electronic drones.


Coefficient first got into techno being a regular at the Lost parties in London back in 1992. These events inspired him more than anything to break through in techno. Having worked very hard and played numerous gigs since then, Coefficient’s experience eventually landed him one of his most memorable performances yet, playing the M_REC ltd showcase at Berghain in 2015. With Coefficient joining the Ravage agency and a solo EP scheduled for late 2016, we’ve got a lot to look forward to from this artist.




The Journey EP – Labrynth [LABD001]

Disorder EP – Profound Music [PMR002]

Omega EP – Labrynth [LABD011]

Timelike EP – Labrynth [LABD034]

Transformations – Duality [002D]

Expansion EP – Labrynth [LABD077]

Field Transitions EP – M_REC LTD [MRLTD07]

Curvature – Duality [007D]

Perception – Labrynth [LABD140]

Blood Red EP – M_REC LTD [MRLTD20]

Inversion/Beta Decay – [Not on Label]

Remote Contact [Release TBC]

Empty Sky [Release TBC]


Ground Loop – Arc (Coefficient mix) – Labrynth [LABD085]

Sebastian Bayne – Contorted Self (Coefficient remix) – IF? Records [IF?LTD003]

Deepbass – Black Art (Coefficient remix) – UTCH Records [UTCHEP0012]

Kill Ref – Blow Your Mind (Coefficient remix) – Darknet [087D]

Zedje – Moon Watcher (Coefficient remix) Sonntag Morgen [SMR041]

SRNDR – As Said, As It Stated (Coefficient remix) RLGN [RLGN001]

Coefficient tracks appear on:

Wanderer EP – Mike Parker/ michaelangelo/ Coefficient – Labrynth [LABD004]

Metamorphosis – michaelangelo/ Coefficient – Labrynth [LABD016]

Random EP – Coefficient/ Photon69 – Labrynth [LABD067]

The Earth Chronicles EP – Coefficient/ Filip Xavi/ Luis Ruiz/ Mattias Fridell – Subsequent [SSR024]

Strange Matter EP – Coefficient/ Elektrabel/ C-System/ Po – Prototypes [PRO004]

Reconcile LP – Various Artists – Duality [009D]

Coherence – Gesitform/Coefficient – Duality [DUALITY012]


Time Traveller EP – Grovskopa/ michaelangelo/ Telesthesia – [LAB11]

Space Time Continuum EP – Exium/ michaelangelo/ Telesthesia [LAB13]


Performance • DJ-set
Travel • 1 from London

Stefan van der Veen
Worldwide representative