Ekserd is an up-and-coming artists who is part of the young Berlin techno generation. Being based in Berlin, the breeding pond for electronic music artists, he obviously rubs shoulders with techno’s greatest. .


Together with Głós he runs Ressort Imprint, which, whilst being a young label, has already made quite the name for itself, featuring releases by himself, The Plant Worker, Głós, and many other talents.

In March 2015 Ekserd released his debut EP on Ressort Imprint that made his mark as a diverse and interesting producer, one to keep an eye on. His sound is a highly detailed composition of heavy percussion and flowing soundscapes, mixing the energy of the old school rave sound with the functionality of modern day techno. Driven by his love for hard kicks and driving hats, Ekserd makes aware bar after bar why he is here: his ‘Ressort’ is set to the dancefloor, and nowhere else.

Stroboscopic flashes, fog and frenzy, Ekserds heraldic motto that matches the motto of the label he runs. Not only is the musical entitlement of Ressort Imprint answering the vision of this young artist, it is also his credo.


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Stefan van der Veen
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