From a young age Induction, real name: Daniel te Boekhorst (1996), has had a huge love and passion for music and producing. Little Induction grew up in quite a musical household and played the piano from an early age. Induction also played with his father’s analogue hardware and synthesizers, this was his introduction to electronic music.


Around this time he was mostly influenced by some of the pioneers in electronic music, such as Jean Michelle Jarre, Kraftwerk and Underworld. As he grew older, Induction started to pick up DJ’ing besides producing.

At age 17 he landed his first ever DJ gig at the legendary Ruigoord venue in Amsterdam. This led to numerous other gigs in and around Amsterdam. Induction’s sound ranges from deep and melodic, to stomping and hard, but usually he prefers a clean sound.

In 2015 Induction joins the Ravage family, planning for an EP on the Ravage label later that year. Besides this release, Inductions has released on Monolith records and has a lot of other project in the pipeline.


Performance • DJ-set / Live
Travel • 1 from Amsterdam

Matthijs Botter
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