Mathís, real name Matthijs Botter (1992), is an Amsterdam based DJ and producer. He grew up living nearby Amsterdam in a town called Amstelveen. His interest in music started at a very young age, he was still in primary school at this time. Mathis started out practicing vinyl DJ’ing, but at the age of … he also started to use CD players. He started out playing mostly HipHop, but it wasn’t for long before he started to appreciate electronic music more and more.

Mathis was mostly inspired by the music dvd’s his older brother watched, such as Jeff Mills: The Exhibitionist and recordings of the legendary Shockers events. This al led to a specific love for the genre we nowadays call Techno.

Mathis‘s first serious gig was at the talent stage of the Amsterdam Mystic Garden Festival in the summer of 2012. In September 2013, together with a good friend, he launched his own event organisation called Ravage. The first year of existence was a great success and of course a great opportunity for Mathís. He now has already played alongside some big names in the techno scene, such as Adam X, Perc, Pariah, Reeko and Zadig to name a few.

Mathís‘s style is hard to define, but he mostly plays and produces driving, deep and groovy techno. His already large amount of DJ experience at this young age, combined with his great taste in music, deliver amazing DJ sets.


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