The Russian underground techno scene has been growing steadily over the past few years. One of the producers at the frontlines of the Russian techno surge is the Moscow-based Unbalance, who has been a resident DJ for the renowned Monasterio Club for years. Using both vinyl and digital formats, he merges the 90s UK-groove with the functionality of modern day techno.

Besides DJing, Alexander Matlahov has been refining a live-set that blows everything away.
Unbalance debuted in the EU in 2012 at Berghain, the techno Mecca. Here he delivered an astonishing live set which was very well received. The sound of his live-set is comparable to his DJ-sets, but it has a more hypnotic edge. Constantly building and evolving, his live-set is mesmerizing and it will keep the audience interested. His sound is subtle and nuanced, but there still is a grittiness and rawness in both his productions and sets.

Since his EU-debut, he has been DJing and performing all over Europe, showcasing his timeless sound. As for now, Unbalance is providing the world with his view on techno through the gigs he plays around the world.

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